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Government of Canada Announces New Support for Solar Water Heating in B.C. Homes
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Feb. 20, 2009) – More British Columbians will be able to take advantage of renewable energy renovations to their homes thanks to the new SolarBC initiative.

“This is an investment that works for Canadians by generating new economic activity, helping homeowners control their energy costs and reducing harmful emissions,” said South Surrey-White Rock Cloverdale M.P. Russ Hiebert, who made the announcement on behalf of the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources. “Investing in green energy technologies will stimulate the growth of a domestic clean energy industry, create high-quality jobs for Canadians and help to protect and preserve our environment.”

Under the SolarBC initiative, Eaga Canada Services Inc. will receive $1.6 million through the ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat program. This investment will support installation of domestic solar water heating systems in a total of 1,600 homes, with a focus on seven leading solar communities.

A solar water heating system can supply up to 60 percent of a Canadian home’s hot water needs and could cut energy costs by more than $300 a year – reducing the household’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne.

It is estimated that there are fewer than 500 solar hot water systems installed in B.C. today. The idea is to start slowly with a goal of 100,000 solar roofs by 2020.

“The rest of the world is going in this direction – everyone is going solar,” said Liz Kelly of Eaga Canada. “SolarBC makes it really easy to install solar hot water, and we’re aiming to rank B.C. alongside world leaders such as Germany and China.”

The ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat program is one of a series of ecoENERGY initiatives through which the Government of Canada is investing more than $3.6 billion to increase Canada’s supply of clean, renewable energy, help Canadians reduce their energy costs and emissions and stimulate economic activity in all regions of Canada.

Budget 2009 includes new measures totalling almost $2.4 billion to support a cleaner and more sustainable environment and help meet Canada’s climate change objectives.

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Jobs In Solar: Grant Writer Needed to help solicit private and public funds (Financial District)
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Date: 2009-02-10, 9:06AM EST

We are looking for someone with experience writing requests for funds.

We are looking to get money to fund our documentary project and our green energy “Sky Train” monorail. We wish to expose judicial corruption and offer solutions to it while interviewing Congress members and US Senators in DC as part of our documentary project.

We are also looking for someone to write requests for funds, both public and private, to get our version of “Sky Train” from the model stage to reality. We were able to secure a $100,000 grant ourselves to have a model built. That scale model is in storage in Florida. We need to build a scale model of a substation to show that project’s true potential.

The monorail train can run along existing rail lines and highway in any country, work as national emergency evacuation, public transit, and as a way to help reduce congestion on highways by having stations near large, cheap, parking areas. The technology is green and can even generate power with the solar panels that run with the monorail track to bolster the grid, and when there is not enough power to run the train with the sun, the existing power grid can be used, as well as any other means of generating power in substations. The substations can also have a dual purpose as being back up electrical power during national emergencies.

The offer is 1/10 of a percent just to write the documents for us to use. More compensation is possible if you have the connections, or ability to make them, to get us to the table. We are after $1,000,000 grants, various amounts larger than that, and a 3 billion dollar green energy grant. Do the math …

Serious inquiries only.

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  • Compensation: commission

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Do The Number 2 In A Solar Loo

Do The Number 2 In A Solar Loo

In the United Kingdom, there are areas where there are public toilets. Of course, that is going to help a lot when you feel like taking a pee or a poop and you are out running errands.

Now interestingly, these public toilets are actually powered by the sun. Yes. On top of the whole block of toilets, you will find solar panels and that is what gives the toilets the power. However, the power is not used at all times and that is why there is even extra energy. Now the extra power is sent back to the grid and they make money for that. Nice, right?

Llani Ltd is the company behind the solar panels on these public loos. And Nick Venti is one of its bosses. On this, he says, “When we decided to refurbish the toilets we wanted to install solar panels to keep our energy costs down, and it also fits in with the ethos of developing a carbon-neutral Llanidloes.”

Oh you surely would like these solar powered toilets that are located in Powys. They come with the best facilities like hot water, lights, and hand dryers. Nice!

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Solar Hybrid RV by Verdier Discontinued?

The Westfalia inspired Verdier hybrid diesel RV seems to have dropped off the map. Having enjoyed numerous media spots on several high profile websites and a flood of “I want one” comments wherever pictures are posted, now its official website now seems to be down and the buzz has cooled off. With a price range of $40K to $70K depending on the solar options and other accessories you choose, the produce certainly seems affordable. Especially compared to the Tesla Roadster or other cutting edge clean tech cars priced well over $100K.

verdier-westfalia-solar-rv.jpgThe addition of solar panels to the roof of an RV is not a new concept. for years the availability of add on panels has sparked interest in trehuggers everywhere looking to enjoy the outdoors without spoiling them. There are even roomers that future models of the popular Toyota Prius will have built in solar panels to run the air conditioning system and already available the EarthRoamer off road RV XV-JP has an 80 Watt panel built in stock to power the refridgeration system for storing food. You can even get aftermarket solar panels for existing cars, although they are fairly weak.

We would hate to lose such an inspiring vehicle and certainly hope that Verdier is just staging some sort of press release or revamping their site. If you know anything about this amazing concept car or offer services to convert old RV’s to electric or solar like our friends over at Salida Conversions please share below. The best resource we have found outlining the Verdier solar RV project can be found at here and includes a timeline and background on the concept spanning through 2006 with links to the founder’s diary which is now also offline.

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World’s first hydrogen fuel cell tractor debuts in Italy

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Click above for a gallery of the New Holland NH2

What fuel will power agricultural equipment in the future? There are a number of alternatives to the tried and true fossil fuels that we’re currently favoring, and many of them use crops that can be gathered right on site by the vehicles that are eventually going to use them. Ethanol (or other alcohol based fuels) and biodiesel stand out as the most commonly cited options, but some still have hydrogen on the brain. Farms may be an ideal source for the electricity needed to extract hydrogen from water since there is often an abundance of wind, sun or both. Still, the question remains: Why not just store that electricity and use it in something electric?

The New Holland NH2 is billed as the world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor, and it’s just debuted in conceptual form in Italy. The zero-emissions tractor gets its power from a fuel cell that sends electrons to a 106-horsepower electric motor powering all four wheels. Problems include a major lack of range and an awfully high price, so New Holland isn’t expecting to put the model into production until 2013.

Gallery: New Holland NH2

[Source: New Holland via Farmers Weekly Interactive]

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Compact Power Systems and Lithium Battery Packs?
An alternative energy source can be of great importance when using off-grid power systems, because the average household’s energy consumption only has high energy-demands for a shorter period of time. In particular, if the excess energy at low consumption is stored in modern lithium batteries.
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New York Fashion Week: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
tents at new york fashion week
Photo Credit: Flickr

You can take the Adirondacks – come February, there’s no tent I’d rather be in than Bryant Park. This year, Fall Fashion Week was a mix of many things: bright neon from those designers wanting us to hope, dark fabrics from those wanting us to mope, and the usual mix of editors, stylists and celebrities (everywhere I turned around, was Kanye West. Yes, we’re very good friends now). This year, things leaned a little green – but not in the ways you’d expect. Now: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of <a href=”…
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Victoria’s Secret Launches an Organic Line of Beauty Products
victoria secret pink collection goes green
photo: Victoria’s Secret

We’ve written about mega-retailer Victoria’s Secret before on TreeHugger. Sites like Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret ousted the company for producing its catalog with paper made by clearcutting Canada’s boreal forests. The company attempted to reverse its bad press by dumping Canadian catalog source West Fraser Timber and printing on paper made from FSC certified fiber. Today <a href=”http://www.treehug…
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Toyota Will Join Public ITS Tests in Tokyo
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will demonstrate its vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems on public roads in Tokyo from 25-28 February in a joint intelligent transport systems (ITS) verification effort sponsored by Japan’s private-public ITS Promotion Council. Vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems are intended to…

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Porsche to Debut Cayenne Diesel at Geneva
The Cayenne diesel (earlier post) will be one of Porsche’s two world debuts at the upcoming Geneva auto show. (The other is the 911 GT3.) The Cayenne diesel. Click to enlarge. The Cayenne diesel is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6…

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Alberta Renewable Diesel Demonstration Shows Successful Cold-Weather Use of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Blends
The recently concluded Alberta Renewable Diesel Demonstration (ARDD), Canada’s largest cold-weather study of bio-derived diesel fuels, demonstrated the successful on-road use of low-level blends of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester, FAME) and hydrogenated-derived renewable diesel (HDRD) in a range of…

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Underwriters Laboratories Shifts Stance, Supports Existing UL Gasoline Dispensers for up to E15
Reversing an earlier position, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced that it supports UL 87 gasoline pumps to be used with fuel blends containing a maximum ethanol content of 15% (E15). In January, Underwriters Laboratories issued a statement saying that gasoline pumps…

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Hydrogen Fuel From Non-food Sources

Hydrogen Fuel From Non-food Sources
Hydrogen Fuel From Non-food Sources

Tomorrow our vehicles may derive power by enzymes. These enzymes may originate from the cellulose of woodchips or grass and instead of emitting poisonous gases they will exhale hydrogen. We know that when hydrogen is burned, the only emission it makes is water vapor, so a key benefit of hydrogen fuel is that when [...]
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Solar Panel Array Backdrop for Stimulus Bill

obamasolarWhile Pres. Obama’s signing of the nearly $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act… better known as the Stimulus Bill… attracted lots of attention, especially for the billions that will be going to alternative energy, a Colorado company in the renewable energy field just was glad to help provide the backdrop for the event.

Denver based Hybrid Energy Group owns and operates the solar array on the roof of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden toured during the bill-signing ceremony:

“It was a spectacular event for Colorado and the renewable energy industry, and we are pleased that our solar array was the backdrop to this important moment in history,” said HEG President, Woody Beardsley. “The stimulus package will double the amount of renewable energy produced over the next three years and that bodes well for clean energy projects across America.”

The $720,000 museum array includes 465 solar panels generating 134,500 kilowatt hours of electricity on average—enough to power 30-35 homes. Under the terms of a twenty-year agreement, Hybrid Energy Group owns and operates the photovoltaic array, selling the solar electricity it generates to the museum. Namaste Solar was the installer on the project.

“We structured the development and ownership of the array so that an investment in solar energy was much more attractive to the museum,” said Beardsley. “By working with HEG, the museum was able to acquire renewable energy for less than if it had purchased the array on its own.”

This particular array at the museum is the first in a broader program HEG has unveiled to provide solar power to non-profit institutions and governmental entities.

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