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POET announces new division devoted to the biofuels feedstocks of the future
Feedstock supply and logistics, among the chief challenges to commercializing the production of biofuels from new feedstocks, will be a key focus of a new division at POET, the company announced today.
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Waste material to power cellulosic/grain ethanol plant
A self-sustaining energy cycle for producing cellulosic ethanol is close to reality with the recent startup of an anaerobic digester at POET’s pilot plant in Scotland, S.D.
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Registration Opens for Solar Power International ’09 in Anaheim, Calif.
Registration opened today for Solar Power International 2009, the largest business-to-business solar conference and expo in North America. Presented by Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Solar Power International 2009 will take place October 27 – 29 at the Anaheim Convention Center. As of today, the show has already attracted more than 650 exhibitors, up from 425 exhibitors in 2008. Total exhibit hall floor space this year is 200,000 net sq. ft., with 167,000 net sq. ft. (more than 83 percent) already booked. This represents growth of more than double the size of last year’s show. Judging by these early booking numbers, organizers are confident of another advance sell out of both exhibit space and registration. New this year, the show floor – which covers all solar technologies and all parts of the solar supply chain – will be segmented by product type, making the show easy to navigate for businesses looking to build and expand relationships.
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Feds Playing Catch-up As States Take Renewable Energy Lead
In the US, some 27 states and Washington DC have renewable energy portfolios and mandates, but not the federal government. Meanwhile, countries like Germany, Spain, and Japan have spurred far more alternate energy installations. That may soon change, based on reports from an array of speakers at PV America, held last week (June 7-12, 2009) in Philadelphia, in association with the 34th IEEE PV Specialists conference.
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How To Get Wind Turbines To Work Harder
How much usable energy do wind turbines produce? It is a question that perplexes engineers and frustrates potential users, especially on windless days. A new study provides a formula for answering this vexing question.
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ManageEngine Enhances Desktop Central Software by Adding USB Device Management
ManageEngine, a provider of IT management software solutions and a division of ZOHO Corporation, recently announced the addition of USB device management feature to its Desktop Central, which is Web-based Windows desktop management software.
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Duke combines solar, storage in smart-grid trial

Duke Energy detailed on Tuesday a smart-grid program that pushes power generation and storage to edge of the transmission network.

The company is testing what it calls a “virtual power plant” at a substation in Charlotte, N.C., that it hopes will allow it to use electricity more efficiently.

The …

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Quincy, WA Spending Big Bucks on Recycling Water for Data Centers, But It’s Just a Drop in the Bucket
water supply at data center photo
Photo via bugeaters

Quincy, Washington loves data centers. The facilities put up by Microsoft, Intuit and Yahoo!, and the coming facility by Sabey Corp have all been a boon to the city’s economy. But what isn’t so appealing is the sheer amount of water the data centers demand for cooling. So, the city is shelling out $9 million to set up water recycling to help lighten the data centers’ demand on the water supply. But what are data centers doing to contribute?…
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Solar Powered Kiosks, Trash Compactors, and USB Ports, Oh My!
solar powered gadgets image
Images via Core77, Brando, and Good Clean Tech

It seems like there’s a rash of solar powered devices hitting us, but in some interesting places. How often, for instance, do you see sewing kiosks set up on the street, soaking up sun so sewers can serge seams? (How’s that for a little alliteration on a Wednesday morning…) Waste Management is also amping up distribution…
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Un-TreeHugger: Beer in a Pouch

Un-TreeHugger: Beer in a Pouch
beer in a pouch image
Photo via Dvice

When we first saw the CarboPouch on Dvice, we figured it for a rather silly product that had more cons than pros, but we could at least think of some pros. However, we caught a glimpse of something on their website that is a big TreeHugger no-no, and sent it straight to the Un-TreeHugger bin….
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Jillian Michaels Wants You to Master Your Metabolism, the Green Way
jillian michaels photo

Calling Jillian Michaels a fitness guru is kinda like saying Oprah Winfrey is sorta influential or Kim Jong-il has a little problem expressing himself. She is a fitness god…or <a href=”http://www.treeh…
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Sky’s the Limit: SkySpark 100% Electric Airplane Sets New Speed Record
electric plane skyspark photo
Photo: SkySpark

New Speed Record for an Electric Airplane, That Is…
Flying is currently the fastest-growing source of CO2, and is expected to keep growing rapidly in the next 20 years. We’re still at the early stage of finding greener alternatives to our current planes (other than not flying and ground transportation), but each new milestone is important. One of those was the new electric flight speed record set by the SkySpark 100% electric plane. More details and videos of the flight below….
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US Gov Launches New Agenda for Smart Growth and Sustainable Development
government sustainable agenda epa image
Image via AIA Colorado

Back in March, Obama announced that he was partnering the Department of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development to forge a strategy for sustainable, smart growth in the US. But one important government agency was curiously missing: the EPA. Now, the Environmental Protection Agency is joining the fray, and it could result in the creation of the greenest agenda the US has seen for sustain…
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"Plan B" – Efficiency and Conservation Measures Can Drop Energy Demand By 2020
architecture 2030 challenge photo
Better Economy, Better Energy, Better Planet“. Image and tag credit:World Changing.

Projections from the International Energy Agency (IEA) show global energy demand growing by close to 30 percent by 2020, setting the stage for massive growth in the carbon dioxide emissions that are warming our planet. But as I note in Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, dramatically ramping up energy efficiency would allow the world to not only avoid growth in energy demand but actually r…
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