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Off Grid Clothes Dryer

Off Grid Clothes Dryer

In the good old days, folks used a wringer to get the majority of the water out of the clothes before hanging them on the line. Well let me tell you, even using a ringer (not a fun task), the clothes still came out dripping. Have you ever used a salad spinner? Now there is an idea. Spin the water out of the clothes, and they will dry a lot faster on the line, indoors or out. Homeless Dave gave this idea a lot of thought, and connected a bicycle to a broken washing machine (free on Craig’s List). Read his excellent DIY article at

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A Picture is Worth: Advertising By Amtrak In TSA Security Line
Used with Permission from Julia Allison

Caught by Julia Allison in the TSA screening line at O’Hare: “I couldn’t stop laughing at the ads on the bottom of the bins – Amtrak had a stroke of genius.” also at @juliaallison
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Files Cracked: 2010 Elitist Environmental Strategy Details Leaked
watergate filing cabinet photo
Watergate filing cabinet. Image credit:Wikimedia.

Have you encountered the rumors of the Obama Administration’s supposed plan to outlaw incandescent bulb sales? That is soooo off the mark. If the concern trolls knew what I do now, having hacked insider hardcopies on this and related stuff, their page views would have been out’a this world.

Put the outlawing of incandescent bulbs-rumor to rest. The ‘plan’ is to use reverse psychology: encourage the hold-outs for inefficiency to hoard incandescent bulbs. When the<a href=”http://www.treehugger.c…
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CES 2010 – Recellular Boosting Positive Impression of Buying Used Phones
recellular blackberry photo

With all these brand spankin’ new cell phones set up at the booths of CES, with the bright lights of the tradeshow floor glinting off their scratch-free surfaces, it’s easy to ignore the idea of buying used. That’s why we’re happy Recellular is back at this year’s CES, showing off some only slightly older cell phones, in practically brand new condition, that have been diverted from landfills and recycling plants. The company is helping to show that buying used doesn’t mean giving up quality. … Read the full story on TreeHugger
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CES 2010 – Sungen Making Portable Solar Power Easy
sungen solar charger photo

Sungen International Limited is a company putting solar power in all sorts of places that make it easy to access solar wherever you are. Pictured above is one of their foldable gadget chargers, which charges to full in about 18-25 hours of sunlight. But it’s just a tiny taste of what the company has available. … Read the full story on TreeHugger
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CES 2010 – Nokia’s New Mobile Game and Improved Travel Guide Higlight Green
nokia phone photo

Nokia earned the top spot on Greenpeace’s latest Green Electronics Guide, earning props for their systematic elimination of hazardous materials from their products, reducing the size of their packaging, selecting recycled and recyclable materials for their products and so on. But it’s not all about what’s in the products, it’s also about what you can do with them. Nokia is putting green thinking front and center with a new mobile game, and improvements to their Green Explorer website for travelers. … Read the full story on TreeHugger
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The TH Interview: Chitra K. Vishwanath, Earth Architect
our native village chitra vishwanathPhoto: The grey water storage and lily tank all lit up on Diwali night at Our Native Village, an eco-resort outside of Bangalore (Chitra K. Vishwanath)
More often than not, I am greeted with blank looks whenever I mention the words ‘earth architecture’. But forget mud huts and even the Great Mosque (Mali’s masterpiece of traditional earth building). Despite it being an ancient building material, designing with earth these days is not as humble as it may appear, especially in urban settings. This unseeming paradox is one that Indian architect <a… Read the full story on TreeHugger
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The Downsides of the Modern, Flexible Workplace
Image credit: RemoveBlackberryPolicy

Yesterday I was rambling about the environmental (and social) benefits of flextime, and we already know that there are many good reasons to telecommute. But I wonder if there might also be some downsides to society’s newer ways of working?…
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Fair Trade Farmers Spearhead Climate Adaptation Efforts
climate change adaptation photos
Image credit: AdapCC

One of the stranger memes to come from the recent influx of climate skeptic/denialist commenters on this blog has been the idea that the developing world can’t afford robust action to cut emissions. Yet the evidence keeps on mounting that the poor will be hit hardest by climate change, with <a href=”… Read the full story on TreeHugger
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Teens Address Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics at National Summit
teens turning green photo
Credit: Teens Turning Green

Remember when we were young and thought we could change the world? Well teens across the country are not holding their breath for a more sustainable future, they are taking action towards one with Teens Turning Green. The national movement is both relevant to teenagers lives — think prom dresses, organic beauty products, and dorm rooms — and connected to t… Read the full story on TreeHugger
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CES 2010 – EcoNation and Terracycle Turn Out Green(er) Speakers
econation speakers photo

I kinda have to eat my words here. I called EcoNation’s cardboard speakers greenwashed awhile back. And, while I’m sticking to the 5 DIY alternatives I mentioned, I have to admit that upclose, these speakers are oh, so cute and tempting. And oh, so much more green than similar quality speakers in the market that the greenwash doesn’t seem so glaring anymore. Just as green(er) are the speakers from Terracycle made out of… Read the full story on TreeHugger
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CES 2010 – CEA Backs Stance on NYC e-Cycling Lawsuit and California TV Efficiency Regulations (Video)
ces logo photo

When it comes to the impact of electronics on the planet, we have to tread carefully. We love strong regulations behind e-waste and e-cycling, designs that focus on cradle-to-cradle, manufacturers making drastic improvements on efficiency of energy consumption, embodied energy, manufacturing waste and so on. But there’s also this thing called business, and manufacturers like a market that is allowed to play itself out, trusting the consumers and the companies involved to do the sustainable thing. But can we do that? CEA seems to think so. To find out more about CEA’s stance on the environment and to get their take on their <a href=”… Read the full story on TreeHugger
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CES 2010 – Green Tour Highlights Energy Management, Efficiency and Solar Power
ces green tour photo

CEA was kind enough to put together a tour showing off a handful of the greener aspects of CES 2010, including highlighting home energy management, energy efficiency of electronics, and gadgets going solar. Zipping through the tradeshow floor, we caught up with Control4, Panasonic and Regen. … Read the full story on TreeHugger
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EPA Puts Methane Mitigation on its To-Do List
clean air.JPG
photo: J. Novak

The EPA is taking steps toward climate change mitigation by requesting grant applications for activities that promote methane emission reductions. Five million dollars in grant money was recently made available to U.S. and international organizations to promote climate change mitigation programs. Is this a step up from the Bush Administration?…
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