I Use Toxic Bath Products on My Kids! Do You?

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April Fools Day! Welcome to an emergency Green Moms Carnival where some very concerned and wonderful moms, women and bloggers want to educate, inform and empower others to learn about some potentially hazardous ingredients in our babies’ bath soaps and lotions. Women with different backgrounds and educational levels on the chemical compounds, laws and details but sharing a common thread of being passionate and dedicated to spreading an educated and insightful message that we hope you take very seriously (this means the companies too). This is not something we are taking lightly or throwing out there without research and strategic efforts to reach as many viewing eyes as possible so please don’t think us foolish.

First, let me begin by telling you that I am not better than anyone, I used Johnson and Johnson products on my son (he’s four now) but I did not know any better. My mom used it and I received bucket loads of it for my baby shower. Who would think that the FDA does not approve the ingredients and concoctions of chemicals put into bottles before they are put on the shelf, marketed to us and bought. The FDA has prohibits 9 ingredients and regulates color additives but the European Union prohibits 1,100. This just shows you how out of date we are in the U.S.

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