The best climate cartoons of 2009

Please post your choices in the comments.  Here are my 10 favorite:

And yes, I’m well aware that the best scientific evidence says humans are not like slowly boiling frogs … we are in fact much more like slowly boiling brainless frogs.

As an aside Perriello will be in for the political fight of his life next year, and the anti-science side will stop at nothing to win, see A true American hero, Tom Perriello (D-VA), on Waxman-Markey: “The Republicans may win some seats because of this vote, but they can’t regain their souls for demagoguing the issue.” and DC lobbying firm forged anti-Waxman-Markey letters from minority groups to Rep. Perriello (D-VA) — former employee says firm “Just got caught this time.”

No E-Mails Can Hide an Inconvenient Truth


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And don’t forget Marc Roberts.

Plus a bonus cartoon from Dilbert:

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