Amazing new images from BBC Earth: Eating and living with Lions
While diving into Life Is Human, we’ve cherished catching up with the Human Planet Production team via their blog. Traveling to eighty of the most remote locations on Earth, to gather incredible stories about man’s remarkable relationship with the natural world… just was not enough! They decided to share their personal experiences too.

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring some of the posts we’ve been bowled over by, and bringing them directly to you!

This week, we’re featuring Human Planet researcher Jane Atkins who tells the exceptional tale of the Dorobo tribe’s hunter scavengers. Using skills passed down over 1000′s of years, this ancient lifestyle is rapidly in decline, but is it the end of the Dorobo? Dive in to find out more.

“You see, Lions and the Dorobo, we feed each other.”

“If we hunt a large animal, we take away as much as we can, but leave the rest for the lions to feed on. And sometimes the lions kill a really fat animal and we say, lets take this one. It is not simple, you have to track carefully and quietly. You are scared… thinking – will I be mauled?”

“Once you make the decision to steal meat from lions, you have to be committed” Rakita says.

“But when you are hungry and know lions have killed first – you take your chance. There are days when we eat only what the lion has killed. We live on those lion kills until we finally make our own kills.”

When we filmed 3 Dorobo hunters stride up to 15 lions to steal from their fresh kill our hearts were in our mouths. Courageous? Ingenious? Suicidal? All of these perhaps, but this one act is undeniably impressive. The Dorobo say they are hunters just like lions. They watch lions, and how they hunt. Just as lions do, the Dorobo watch every animal on the great plains – and study each individual. Like lions they observe which ones are wounded, slower, easier to pick off. They wait and wait until the time is right to hunt. And if the lion gets there first, well the Dorobo turn that into another opportunity.
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