Abrams Tanks to Get Auxilliary Power from Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Researchers are developing a hydrogen fuel cells for the Abrams tankThe U.S. military owns more stuff on wheels than any other single entity on the planet, and in the future more of those vehicles will be less reliant on fossil fuels.  The latest maneuver is a test run of hydrogen fuel cells for the venerable Abrams tank.  The Army has a prototype under development in the lab, with the goal of providing electricity to power up the growing amount of radios, computers, and other electronic equipment aboard the Abrams.

Despite the calls for more oil drilling from some quarters, the U.S. military has been trying hard to move the country away from all forms of fossil fuel for a number of years now.  Military research into alternative fuel vehicles picked up speed last year with the construction of the new 30,000 square foot Ground System Power and Energy Laboratory.  The facility is strategically located in the Detroit area, the better to coordinate its work with the civilian market.


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