Radio-Toting Fish Give Thumbs-Up to Clean Hydrokinetic Power

A new study commissioned by Hydro Green LLC shows that underwater hydrokinetic turbines are safe for river dwelling fish.According to a recent study, fish can live with a new type of hydropower that does not involve constructing dams, weirs, or other fish-unfriendly infrastructure.  It’s called hydrokinetic power, and it simply uses underwater turbines to harness the energy of existing currents in rivers.  Sounds good so far, but the key point is whether or not river dwelling fish can co-exist with the installation.

Hydro Green Energy, LLC is a leading hydrokinetic company that engaged the study.  One goal was to help provide a definitive answer to the fish question industrywide, so the study went all the way.  Rather than simply extrapolating from computer models, the study involved tagging and tracking hundreds of individual fish with radio transmitters and balloons.  The results provide encouraging news for the development of a more sustainable energy landscape for hydropower, and rivers could be just the beginning.

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