Rise & Shine: January 13, 2009

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100 Million Greenbacks for Stanford Energy Site
Stanford University will create a $100 million energy research institute that will develop cheaper solar cells, technologies that use electricity more efficiently and ways to prevent the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Veritable Vegetable Installs Solar Electric System
Veritable Vegetable, the nation’s oldest distributor of certified organic produce, has installed a 560-panel solar electric system on its 25,000 square foot warehouse facility in San Francisco. Borrego Solar Systems built the 106 kW system.

Future Cloudy for California Solar Farm
Frozen capital markets are putting the chill on a fast-growing California solar company, a sign that the economic downturn is being felt even in the state’s thriving renewable-energy sector.

Solar Power Partners Places 19 New Solar Energy Facilities into Operation
Solar Power Partners Inc. (SPP), a commercial developer of distributed solar energy facilities, says it has placed into service 19 new facilities with a total capacity of 7.7 MW.


Prices for Rooftop Solar Systems Fall as Supply Grows
Prices for rooftop solar systems, including installation, already have fallen 8% to 10% since October and are expected to drop another 15% to 20% this year.

Energy Task Force Recommends Expanding to a Two Tiered Focus
A two-tiered private-public Energy Task Force could evolve this year to attract utility-level alternative energy businesses while educating the public on residential-scale projects.

Starwood Acquires Majority of Nautilus Solar
Starwood announced has acquired a majority interest in Nautilus Solar, a solar power generation developer headquartered in New Jersey, to help fund future growth of Nautilus. Specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Solar Firms Are Slashing Jobs
Solar seems to be suffering more than other sectors out there, as large manufacturers expect solar module prices to decline in 2009 and young solar startups that grew too big too fast struggle in the tighter market.

VA Governor Proposes RE Incentives
In addition, the legislation would introduce a renewable energy income tax credit for individuals and corporations installing solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and small wind systems.


Alternative Energy Companies Grow
While many small businesses continue to struggle with tight credit and declining sales, one fledgling industry is seeing a boom in investment and sales growth: alternative energy.

Chinese Government Offer Money to Speed up Solar Consolidation
There are too many silicon wafer makers in China, and the government doesn?’t want to wait for natural market forces to trim the flock.


Stimulus Bill May Include Energy Measures
Congressional leaders and Obama advisers are looking at including as much as $25 billion of energy tax credits in the economic stimulus package in an effort to bolster renewable energy projects, fuel-efficient cars and biodiesel production.

Senate Panel Considers Chu for Energy Secretary
Steven Chu, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist chosen by President-elect Barack Obama to be his energy secretary, faces questioning Tuesday before a Senate committee that is expected to endorse his selection.


Ambitious Solar Plans in France
France has 13 megawatts of installed capacity in solar, but the energy minister wants solar to be an ambitious 5,400 MW in 2020.

Suntech Laid Off 10%, Factories Running at 50%-60% Capacity
The Chinese solar panel maker refutes claims made by a news story reporting that the company has carried out a massive layoff.

Gulf Oil States Seeking a Lead in Clean Energy
They are aggressively pouring billions of dollars made in the oil fields into new green technologies. They are establishing billion-dollar clean-technology investment funds. And they are putting millions of dollars behind research projects at universities from California to Boston to London, and setting up green research parks at home.

ET Solar Signs 13MW Agreement with USE
Under the terms of the agreement, ET Solar will deliver a total of 13 MW of high-efficiency solar modules to USE between January 2009 and November 2009

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